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About Save Your Refund:
Your tax refund might be the single largest check you receive all year. You can use this as an opportunity to jump start your savings. (Need a savings check up or help setting a savings goal, see:

How it Works:
If you use form 8888 to split your federal tax refund, and save as little as $50, you can be entered into a weekly drawing to win $100. You can also enter the photo contest for the $25,000 grand prize. For more information see:

What you Need to Enter:

  • Select the two accounts you want to use to split your federal refund (or choose one account and decide to purchase a savings bond).
  • Bring your account number(s) and routing number(s) with you to you tax site.
  • Tell you tax preparer that you want to split your refund (at least $50 must go into your savings account, retirement account, or to purchase a savings bond) using form 8888.
  • Ask your preparer to help you go online at to help you enter to win.