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CTA Volunteer Resource Guides

Click here to visit our volunteer preparation resources.

Eligible Education Institution for Claiming Education Credits

To find out if an education institute is accredited, visit


DC Property Tax Database

The DC Property Tax Database can help you find: 

  • Amount of Property Tax Paid by client
  • If property is paying tax (if not, may be tax exempt and client may not be eligible for renter’s credit)
  • Find out registered name and address of property owner

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in address and click on “Search Now”
    If the address does not show up, and you need to look up the square and lot number, click here, enter the address, the click on SSL
  3. Click on the Square/Suffix/Lot number
  4. Scroll down and click on “View Tax Information”
  5. Click in the Real Property Tax tab


DC Schedule L Credit

Find this form at:

DC Homestead/Senior Citizen Real Estate tax Exemption

If your client is not receiving the Homestead exemption of the Senior Citizen exemption, you can help them fill out the application. They should apply in person. The information is at:

DC D-30 Unincorporated Business Tax Form

Find this form and instructions at:


DC Ward Lookup

Find out what ward you live in, in DC:



TaxWise ACA Worksheet Quick Guide | View resource
ACA Examples for VITA/TCE Volunteers | View resource
Tax Preparer’s Guide to the Affordable Care Act | View guide


Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs)

Marital Status Issues

Determining which states have common law marriage:

Determine if your client is still married to a long-time separated spouse, or if your client is interested in divorce:


Maryland Homeowner’s Tax Credit and Renter’s Tax Credit:


Refund Status

Gather your Social Security Number, Filing Status, and expected refund, and then contact one of the following:


Schedule A and Schedule D Help


State Tax Forms and Instructions


Taxability of Settlement Payments

See IRS Publication 4345:


Unemployment, Amount Received