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  • Key What You See.  Enter information from all the boxes on the W2 and 1099 forms into TaxWise.
  • Context Sensitive Help.  When you are in a form or worksheet the help in the bottom pane gives valuable information on how to enter information in TaxWise.
  • If you are preparing a 2006 using TaxWise 2006, never press F1. Use the help menu instead.

Helpful Hints

  • Starting a return for a primary Taxpayer who needs to apply for an ITIN.  Use the File menu to select “Apply for ITIN”
  • [Shift+F1] will bring in the 1040 instruction book.
  • Sorting.  You can reorder the children by birthday and reorder information on the scratchpads by right clicking on the field you want to sort.
  • Viewing 2 forms at once.  Press F6 to view 2 forms at once in TaxWise.
  • Splitting a return from MFJ to two separate returns.  File menu to select “Split MFJ return”
  • To pause time in return, press [Shift+F11]
  • ITIN and Child Tax Credit.  If a client is eligible for CTC and it is not calculating because you are applying for an ITIN, you may need to override the CTC checkbox for that particular dependent.  Work with your QAS to make sure that the client is truly eligible before overriding.
  • Pitfalls with adding additional dependents in TaxWise. 
    • Qualifying children for the EIC and CTC must be listed on the Main Information Sheet and not on the additional dependents form. 
    • After completing the additional dependents worksheet, go back to the Main Information Sheet and review the dependent information.
  • 1099-R Help Page. There are links on the bottom for help entering data from 1099 CSA and 1099-RRB. [In the 1099-R, press F1 to access help.]
  • How to find Federal and State Mailing Addresses. 
    • While in the state return in TaxWise, select Help, TaxWise Help
    • The Help information for that state will open.  It has links for the mailing addresses.