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Who Qualifies for CTA Assistance:

Generally, we serve: individuals with income under $35,000*, and families with income under $54,000*.

*If you earned less than $64,000 in 2015, you may be able to file your federal and state tax returns on-line for free. For more information see:

Click here to see the list of what to bring.

Taxpayer Situations where we cannot prepare your return

  • You have an A, H, F, J, L, M or Q visa (and do not have a green card or US citizenship)
  • You did work for an international organization, or had income from overseas.
  • You moved to the United States during the tax year and does not have a green card or US citizenship
  • You are a minister or member of the clergy
  • You had a Health Savings Account
  • You were a member of the Military
  • You pay household help (household employment tax)

 Types of Income which are out of scope (we cannot prepare your return if you have any of these types of income)

  • Cancelled Debt (Form 1099-C or 1099-A); unless it was cancelled personal credit card debt, there was no interest, and you were not insolvment at the time the debt was cancelled.
  • Savings Bond if savings bond interest accrues each year
  • The following types of Capital Gains/Investment Income:
    • Sold a bond with accrued interest
    • 1099-DIV amounts with Unrecaptured Sec.1250 gain, Section 1202 gain, Cash liquidation distributions, and Noncash liquidation distributions
    • Sale of stock and basis is not listed on 1099, or was received as a gift.
    • Sale of property other than main home
    • K-1 income unless it is interest or dividend income, short or long term capital gains, or royalty income (only from a K-1).
  • IRA: If distribution was from SIMPLE IRA or SEP IRA
  • Farm income
  • Rental income (including renting out rooms in your own home- no Air B&B)
  • Self-Employment, business or cash income where:
    • You business is a LLC
    • The Primary source of income is use of your vehicle (example: Uber, Lyft, etc.)
    • hobby income
    • expenses over $25,000
    • net loss, or loss carry over
    • inventory, or sale of goods
    • employees, subcontractors
    • business use of home
    • casualty losses
    • vehicle expenses if reporting actual expenses
    • depreciation
    • rental or lease agreements for other than space
    • you do not use cash method
  • 1099-MISC income that is not reported in boxes 3 or 7
  • Hobby income
  • Itemized Deductions
    • Casualty and Theft Losses
    • Non-cash charitable (Goodwill, etc.) contributions greater than $500 (Form 8283)
    • Vehicle donation
    • Unreimbursed employee business expenses (Form 2106)