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First-Year Tax Law Pre Training

Before attending First Year Tax Law, review these on-line training modules from the Taxpayer Opportunity Network.
– Total viewing time is just under 2 hours.
[These are the 2019 season training lessons. Check back in November for the updated versions.]

Filing Status and Dependency
2A: Filing Status
–  Filing Status Decision Tree
–  Test your understanding: Head of Household
2B: Dependency
–  p4012-Dependents

3A: Income
3B: Additional Income (Schedule 1)

Adjustments to Income
04: Adjustments to Income

05: Deductions

Nonrefundable Credits & Earned Income Credit
6A: Credit for Child and Dependent Care Expenses
6C: Retirement Savers Credit
6D: Child Tax Credit & Credit for Other Dependents
–  p4012-Child Tax Credit & Credit for Other Dependents pages
07: Refundable Credits – Earned Income Tax Credit
–  p4012-EIC
–  My refund went down

Tax Benefits for Education
8A: Tax Benefits for Education- Overview
–  p4012-EducationCreditsOverviewp4012-educationcredits-overview
8B: Tax Benefits for Education- Eligible Expenses
–  p4012-educationcredits-educationexpenses
8C: Treatment of Scholarships and Grants 
–  p4012-educationcredits-scholarships

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